Why You Should Insist on Genuine Toyota Collision Repair Parts

Your Toyota vehicle has been manufactured to Toyota’s world standard of quality. All materials were specifically chosen for their superior performance. Every part has been manufactured for a precision fit. All components have been thoroughly engineered and tested to ensure their durability, fit, reliability and appearance meet Toyota’s world standard for quality.

As well, Genuine Toyota Parts are inventoried, supplied and warranted by a network of highly trained professionals: Tony Graham Toyota and its experienced staff. In addition, you have the confidence knowing that Tony Graham Toyota is supported by one of the largest car companies in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true of non-OEM (original equipment manufacturers) parts, commonly referred to as “aftermarket parts” , “imitation parts”. “Aftermarket” or “imitation parts” are “new parts” made and supplied by someone else other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. The term “like kind and quality” is another common one in the industry and is used to describe salvage, rebuilt or recycled parts. Their use can affect your vehicle’s warranty and value because these parts generally do not meet Toyota’s world standard of safety and quality. As well: inventory, supply, trained professional service and warranty of the parts is sporadic at best.

Furthermore, the use of these parts may have an adverse effect on how long your vehicle will be tied up in the repair shop. Basically, the longer it takes to source and deliver your parts the greater the amount of time the actual repair will take. This translates into a longer time that you would be without your Toyota (a bigger inconvenience to you). As well, your Toyota vehicle’s warranty may be impacted. Finally, the overall value of your vehicle may be diminished. Make sure these things do not happen. Insist on Genuine Toyota Parts.

The more you know about the quality that goes into your Toyota and how valuable a high quality repair experience is, the more you’ll realize why only Toyota Genuine Parts can fully restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.